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Drives a Sewing Machine

"Limited Only by your imagination...."


Chuck Walker, owner of Howard’s Upholstery, grew up in Industry in the Sacramento area, where he worked with his father and uncles, starting at a young age.   After finishing his Air Force commitment, he moved to Concord and continues with his craft.

Chuck carries on the tradition of providing the best quality upholstery skills the industry.     

In July 2021, with all of Concord and the Bay Area watching, Chuck broke his World Record for the second time!  He broke his 1971 Teeter Totter World Record of 216 hours.   He finished 50 years later with 216 hours AND 20 minutes!  Dream Big!  Twice!!

Photo Below: Mike Hartshorn and Chuck Walker – July 1, 2021 – July 10, 2021 

Teeter Totter 2021
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Chuck Walker, Owner