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Why should I spend so much on new cushions?

cushion covers

I can buy a whole brand new furniture set for the same price? 


We are all about quality.  We design and make cushions to last.

We use the highest quality materials available.

From the foam to the fabric to the thread!

Master craftsmanship!

Layers in outdoor Design.


If you have cushions that you would like to have new cushion covers made, we offer solutions.   Bring in your existing cushions for a personal evaluation of the insides.  If we can make it a win-win solution, we are happy to help and go green.

Stains, dirt and smells…when uncovered are not what you want to put new fabric over.   If we can use your old foam, we usually wrap a new layer of dacron (polyester) and we make our cushion covers with zippers for the option of later replacing the foam.

For back pillows, we make dacron sleeves filled with Polyfil and cushion covers with zippers.   When you want to remove and wash your cushion covers, you won’t have loose fill and disintegrating paper all over to try to restuff.   Often times, we can re-use your existing fill to in the dacron sleeves.

Call us today for an appointment to evaluate your cushions or get an estimate for all new replacement cushions.  925-689-7003